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Having problems with people submitting to wrong folders and all, and I'm getting kinda sick of having to sort through stuff and all to make it look organized. I didn't wanna make it so deviations had to get approved, but eh, that's what's happening now. Also, please remember, this is a club for ONLY Roy's team, no pictures of just Ed or whatever. I know Ed works under Roy, but he's not considered part of Roy's immediate team, we're talking about the "chess" thing, if you know what I'm saying. Thanks in advance for understanding!

Oh, and happy holidays everybody!!
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Members of Roy's team:

:bulletblue: Roy Mustang (King)
:bulletblue: Riza Hawkeye (Queen)
:bulletblue: Jean Havoc (Knight)
:bulletblue: Heymans Breda (Rook)
:bulletblue: Kain Furey (Pawn)
:bulletblue: Vato Fallman (Bishop)

The folders will be separated as such:

:bulletblue: The "Featured" folder will be for pictures that include at least three or more members of Roy's team.

:bulletblue: The "Pairs and more" folder will be for at least one member of Roy's team with at least one or more characters that are not on his team. The character(s) can be an OC or any other canon character. It doesn't matter as long as one of the characters is someone in Roy's team. However, no couples will be accepted in this folder.

:bulletblue: The "Couples" folder will be for any member of Roy's team with romantic interations with any other character. This can include another canon character, an OC, yaoi, or yuri. However, no hentai.

:bulletblue: The single character folders should be self-explanatory: For the "Roy Mustang" folder, only single shots of Roy are accepted. This goes for all of the members on Roy's team who also have their own separate folder.

:bulletblue: The rest should also be self-explanatory. For fanfiction, only fanfiction that contains at least one of the members of Roy's team. Same goes for cosplay, stamps, memes, and comics.

If you have any questions feel free to comment/send a note.




Gallery Folders

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Pairs and more
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Roy y Riza en la ducha by meiosis2
Roy Mustang y Riza Hawkeye, warm hug by meiosis2
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Roy Mustang
Office assistants by Artdirector123
Roy's Apprentice by Artdirector123
Roy Mustang abre la puerta by meiosis2
FMA - Roy Mustang by BlackFang677
Riza Hawkeye
Riza and Hayate by Kahasyn
FMA - Riza Hawkeye by Tolina
Slingshooter by NoVaNoah
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Jean Havoc
Mustang's Knight by Laylath
Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc. Sketch by Kittylyn-Donut
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Kain Furey
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FMA. Silence please. by Laylath
One day under the rain by Laylath
Heymans Breda
Fma. Breda by Laylath
Heymans Breda from FMA by Laylath
Second Lieutinent Heymans Breda by snipergirl17680
Silly Puppy... by TheRidiculousOne
Vato Fallman
Only a Memory man? by Laylath
Noah Mustang by MinixLiky
FMA: The world's not perfect but it's there for us by curiousMigo
Stamps, memes, and comics
Roy x Ed, Chapter 108 Alternative Ending Pg3 by 3Pride


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Laylath Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013
Thanks for accepting my request *_*
I love roy's team <3
(especially Fury...awwwww *__* so cute!!)
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Thank you very much for accepting my request
Eye-of-the-Hawk Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
umm would i be able to put this in [link] ? its suppose to resemble mustang and hawkeye ^^; (i even used the chess pieces from fma as a reference :XD:)
Di-Phoenix Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Anthro \ furry of the FMA accept?
Toasty-Coconut Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012
Sure o3o/
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